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Beginners guide to develop a custom WordPress website or blog the simplest way

Through this tutorial series we will walk you through how exactly we are developing our new CakeWP WordPress blog website, which would make you learn:

  • Basic WordPress theme development – the simplest way.
  • Must have WordPress plugins for a new WordPress website.
  • WordPress Backup & Security
  • WordPess Customizer API
  • WordPress Admin Customization

The above list is not strictly limited as mentioned.  We may be adding more to the series as we proceed. These posts will be published step by step as we progress with our CakeWP WordPress blog development. So you will be experiencing it along with learning it all.

We are hoping to share everything we do with our blog to our CakeWP family as our aim is to make you learn WordPress and we will hopefully make it happen.

Let’s start learning.. Our First post in this series will be “How to build a custom WordPress theme the simplest way”