About CakeWP

CakeWP was founded in August 2015 by M.Munir Kamal. As of today in Oct 2019, we are a team of 5 highly trained and hardworking WordPress designers & developers. 

What We Do

In Short, everything WordPress!

We help small to medium-sized businesses to embrace the digital world by having a high-quality professional WordPress website. A website that not only looks beautiful but converts great too. We make sure to do proper SEO optimization so your business/content can rank high in search engines.

We can also do advanced developments, such as WordPress plugins, Divi Modules, Gutenberg Blocks, Elementor Widgets, and a lot more.

We also help a business to maintain its website and help with the hosting.

Our Values

For a small or medium-sized business investing in a website is some times a big headache. Finding the right team to help you set up your business website and online presence is hard. We pride ourselves to satisfy our clients and customers all the time. That’s because of the core values of our business.

Proper Communication

We assure you of proper communication throughout the project(s). We make sure to reply to any generic emails, support queries or other communications timely. This helps to keep things moving fast to finish off the project.

Quality Work

Often you get cheap quotes that don’t mean to provide quality work. We assure you to create websites with a clean and optimized code. If we use a framework (Divi, Elementor, etc), we make sure to utilize it’s best features and optimize the website for improved performance.

Reasonable Pricing

The pricing can vary dramatically depending on the scope of the project. But, we can assure you to offer fair and competitive rates which leaves you plenty of room to turn a good profit and still offer your clients an affordable, yet quality website that they will be proud of.

Relationship Building

Our goal is always a long-term relationship with our clients. We just not create a website and hand-it-off to the clients and run away. We help the businesses to make sure their website keeps updated and performs well for them. Creating the website is just one job we do, we do a lot more to help you out.